December 14, 2015

The Price Is Wrong, Bitch!!

Printing sometimes can be really fun! We were hit up by a few friends to print their shirts for The Price Is Right. (everyone has to go at least once, right??). And, of course who else did they call than Print Renegades! (although our main focus is more about helping artists, start ups, restaurants, non profits and clothing brands, sometimes its fun to do something silly and fun).

The print was actually pretty complicated, a 4 color screen print WITH Foil (and only 10 pieces). Normally our minimum order of 10 pieces is for 1 or 2 color designs, but we made an exception from 25 pcs (3-4 color prints) to 10 pieces for these kids.

Printing with foil inside of a design, where not everything is getting foiled, is difficult because the ink around the part not being foiled has to be a different type of ink than the ink that is being foiled. Now, foil normally sticks to any oil based ink, so the ink around the foil design has to be either 1: Waterbased ink or 2: has to be ink with Foil-Resist additive in it...either of these things will allow the foil to stick ONLY to the oil-based plastisol ink and not to everything else.

And as you can see here, the final result looks pretty amazing!! AND you can see the shirts IN action, getting called up to the stage of the Price IS Right HERE. (pretty snazzy!!)



  1. Oh that is very complicated, adding foil on the design? I really love the output, it looks class.