March 21, 2017


After what has been an insanely busy couple of months, we've gotten a small breather. We've finally reached a point where our job board is not overflowing with work orders onto the table next to it. We might actually have some time to work on a few projects we've been trying to complete!

If you follow our Instagram, you may have seen we have a new coffee bar set up for our customers. We bought a very cool automatic espresso machine that makes some very fancy drinks along with all the accouterments that one might possibly need to make the coffee of their dreams. So come on by to check it out, even if all you want is coffee. We'll be happy to fire it up for you!

 Along with our fancy espresso machine, we've gotten some other new toys that we'll be happy to show you once they've been set up and installed.

For now, we're still busy using our old toys on a regular basis. Our automatic flatstock press has been getting a regular work out with some large poster prints. We printed these 5 color 18 x 24 posters for the new House of Blues in Anaheim and were stoked with the outcome.

It was a difficult job to set up due to how closely the colors needed to match up (registration) since each color needs to be printed separately. Each poster is lined up individually on the press as each color is printed (see images below) so it is difficult to line up over 100 prints perfectly every time.

Even though it was challenging, we were able to produce some quality prints that we were happy to hand over to the client and they were happy to showcase. We're always willing to take on a challenging project to push ourselves to be better. 

February 17, 2017

Gettin' Busy!

So we're about halfway through and February is already trending to be our busiest month... EVER!

Just as we were starting to get comfortable... BAM! Orders start coming in waves. It's cool though, we're ready. We're making adjustments wherever necessary to make sure we keep cranking out your jobs on time and keeping quality high.

We're always happy to see you guys coming back to the shop and getting to know you on a first name basis. That's why we continue to keep an open door policy and we make sure to respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible. So as we wrap up this month, we hope to see you at the shop! Lots more stuff in the works as we grow. Stay tuned to see what we're up to!

February 6, 2017

Where Did January Go?

Hey guys!

Your friendly neighborhood Renegades here, and can you believe that it's already well into February? WTF right?

A lot of things happened this last month and downtown LA has been buzzin with activity. Lot's of people expressing themselves with printed materials (if you catch our drift). We're always happy to lend a hand to those who feel the need to wear their opinion on their shirt.

We have a feeling we'll be printing more stuff like this in the coming months. Stay tuned.

We also had a chance to get to ISS last month and check all the latest and greatest in garment decoration as well as taking in some seminars and classes to bone up on our skills. It was cool to see screen printers and other garment decorators from all over the country there in different capacities as well as some familiar faces. It was a very wet weekend but we managed to get a picture while it was nice and sunny out.

Hopefully we'll see some you at the next one. In the mean time, we have orders coming in what seems to be non-stop so if you need us, we'll be manning the presses making sure we crank out these jobs to make way for the new ones!!

December 20, 2016

The End of Another Year...

Hey Guys!

We know we know, it’s been a WHOLE YEAR, literally, since we’ve gotten a new post up on our blog but we’re looking to change that for 2017. Print Renegades has been growing and growing and we are SO busy (especially for the holidays) that posting on the blog has not been the priority that it should be. Now that we have a full time marketing and social media guy to assist in this, we will definitely be more up and out of our shells to bring you guys the new and improved Renegades!!

Since last December, we have expanded our team to include some new faces to keep production in our shop running like a well-oiled machine and to make sure we stay active on social media and the web. We’ve got a new kick-ass DTG printer, the Epson F2000, that we’ve definitely been putting through its paces these last 12 months and have got it running almost non-stop with our ever-growing job board for Direct-To-Garment print jobs.

Along with DTG business, screen print jobs have not slowed down a tick and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to work outside of our comfort zone from printing oversized flatstock to printing on materials we’ve never printed on before. Our aim is to always say YES! And as you might hear from our customers, we usually do!

Keep your eyes on this blog for a deeper dive into what we’ve been up to and what’s going on at Print Renegades in the future. We have a lot of new equipment were purchasing at the end of this year (tax breaks!!!) and another 1-2 employees we are currently trying to hire to be able to stay ahead of our job schedules, and were super excited to bring all of these new occurences to light coming in 2017. (its weird to!). Also, keep checking us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more behind the scenes stuff! (we post on those more than once a year, we promise!) :)

December 14, 2015

The Price Is Wrong, Bitch!!

Printing sometimes can be really fun! We were hit up by a few friends to print their shirts for The Price Is Right. (everyone has to go at least once, right??). And, of course who else did they call than Print Renegades! (although our main focus is more about helping artists, start ups, restaurants, non profits and clothing brands, sometimes its fun to do something silly and fun).

The print was actually pretty complicated, a 4 color screen print WITH Foil (and only 10 pieces). Normally our minimum order of 10 pieces is for 1 or 2 color designs, but we made an exception from 25 pcs (3-4 color prints) to 10 pieces for these kids.

Printing with foil inside of a design, where not everything is getting foiled, is difficult because the ink around the part not being foiled has to be a different type of ink than the ink that is being foiled. Now, foil normally sticks to any oil based ink, so the ink around the foil design has to be either 1: Waterbased ink or 2: has to be ink with Foil-Resist additive in it...either of these things will allow the foil to stick ONLY to the oil-based plastisol ink and not to everything else.

And as you can see here, the final result looks pretty amazing!! AND you can see the shirts IN action, getting called up to the stage of the Price IS Right HERE. (pretty snazzy!!)


December 2, 2015

"Yeezus for President" Art Prints

Yeezus For President in 2020!!! This is a throwback to some prints we did roughly a year ago. We were able to work with Donda Productions, and we actually did TWO versions of this print (one as a THREE color with GLOW in the dark ink, shown below, and one as a TWO color with Metallic Gold instead of White).

They turned our very radical, and were printed as a very limited edition of 100. We were happy, and we still see them selling online for mucho dinero! :)

August 25, 2015

Reliance Umbrellas

Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. is a metal distributor in Los Angeles. The company started in the late 1930's in the postwar metal industry boom.  It was listed in Fortune's List of "Most Admired Companies". 

 Print Renegades was thrilled to work with a Los Angeles icon. The job: To screen print on patio umbrellas! This wasn't just a T-shirt one could thread and easily work on, this took time and thought. We had to be precise, working with that large of fabric. It took multiple people to make sure each umbrella was flawless. After the umbrella was printed, we had to fit it into our dryer. Making sure the fabric didn't scorch and the ink dried thoroughly. It was an exhausting job however, it's projects like these that make us love our jobs. We are always ecstatic to have new and interesting projects, where we can showcase our knowledge of the trade. 

The umbrellas turned out great. We hope Reliance can keep their employees and customers cool this summer!