January 23, 2014

Beyond 5 Tour Merch

Our friends at Beyond 5 are really stepping up their game. Driven by the roots of groups like "One Direction", these guys are just as talented as they inspiring. When they play live, their syncopated stylings are similar to how sports teams play together, being able to act as one unit but still sounding amazing as young kids do these days.

They recently embarked on a tour around Asia, just in time to get back to a sold out show in their hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. We had the chance to print a few hundred shirts of different colors, sizes and decorations. All the garments used were 50/50 blend tees.

Each print was a 2 color print of their logo, some of which were just standard prints and some that were foiled.
Soft waterbased inks were required, but the blend tees made it impossible to discharge. Also, since they wanted only a part of their image foiled, and those parts overlapped with each other, we had to print part of the design with a waterbased ink and other parts with oil based; in order to not have the foil stick to the entire image. (since foil sticks only to plastisol ink...).

January 5, 2014

Fortress Social Club Custom Xmas Cards

Before Xmas, we had the pleasure to print custom Christmas Cards for the Fortress Social Club guys. This Los Angeles based ensemble of highly talented musicians is always on the cutting edge, and this year they really wanted to send out custom printed Xmas cards to all their fans. Shawn Harris threw out the idea last minute and we had to scramble to make it happen for them, but we love to come thru for like minded artistic individuals as ourselves, and here we did.

Because of the quick turnaround time, we decided to print these cards FOUR to a page to limit the number of paper cuts that were needed. Cutting paper perfectly (making sure the edges are even, etc) is time consuming and if we can just do 2 single cuts (center & center), that would speed things up, even if it meant printing a few more pages.

First we aligned up the film to the paper, to assure the print will be centered on the paper.

Then, taking the film and creating registration marks in order to get every single sheet lined up in exactly the same place is KEY. We usually use registration guides, except when the border is very close to the edge, which forces us to just use tape.

Next, Pantone ink mixing is the key to making any paper prints look amazing. 2 Pantone colors were given to us by FSC, which we custom mix with our Pantone Color Matching System (PMS) books.

Finally, were ready to start printing. Getting everything prepared before the ink gets printed into the mesh of the screen is key, since once you begin printing, the time clock begins and the ink starts immediately drying. We have to make sure we thought of everything before printing begins. On paper, each color must be printed separately, then dried and brought back for the other colors. Here, were printing the green color first:

After breaking down and cleaning the 1st screen, we align the 2nd screen, throw on the premixed RED ink, and print away!

Finally, the paper gets dried after a few hours...we then machine cut each sheet into 4 separate pieces, making 4 FINAL cards out of each printed sheet here.

January 2, 2014

Custom Printed Wedding Invitations

The great thing about running a print shop is the VARIOUS types of projects that we have the opportunity to work with. Here at Print Renegades, we are always open to working with a wide range of different people on things that are out of the normal, since it not only allows up the chance to widen our portfolio but it also makes up better at what we are: not a normal print shop.

We had the chance to print some custom wedding invites for some friends who wanted something different, diverse and unique for their wedding: hand screen printed wedding invitations. For this, we used a thick 110# cardstock paper with high opacity waterbased inks, and we printed the invitations along with the directions AND reply-to cards as well...a set that were sent to the people invited to the events of that weekend.

These turned out better than imagined, and they received a really good response not only from the bride and groom who we printed them for, but also everyone who received them. They went down as a good keepsake for such a memorable life event.