November 20, 2013

Custom Made Sewn Business Cards

At Print Renegades, we strive for uniqueness and individuality. Because we are an artist run print shop, we stand out from other print shops because of how we approach jobs, our outlook on what the purpose of screen printing is, and how we take on every single job as if it was our very own.

For this, we love to be able to show people how we are unique, and how it is down to our core to be different. For this, we dont short cut making our promotional materials, but we spend time and inject love into each and every business card that we make.

Because we love to recycle, we take old printed Tshirts that were not using any longer and cut them up, then sew them onto the backs of our hand printed business cards, adding a flavor like no other. We dare you to have us give you a business card in person, and for you not to go "Wow, what is this??" like everyone else does.

November 14, 2013

Hollywood Vibe Dance Merch

The dance crew over at Hollywood Vibe are some of the hottest and most talented dancers and choreographers that this city has ever seen. We were approached to help them with merch for a new tour that they are embarking on. We were printing not only Tshirts, but also sweat pants, kids tops, girls shorts and hats.

The artwork that they gave us was somewhat complicated multicolored printing. We printed these with soft inks for the best feel possible while they were getting their routines on. Thx to Chris at DIY Shirts for making this happen!

November 12, 2013

Custom Hoodies // Tool of North America

American commercials are beginning to be a pastime, cutting edge, something that people like to watch because of the interesting content and the way they are beginning to be put together. Tool of NA was part of this commercial revolution, bringing commercials to the main stream and making them cool again. They are a rad commercial production company based in Santa Monica, CA and they have lots of really great ideas.

One of those ideas was for them to create some custom gifts for the holidays, something to give to their high up clients that spend millions of dollars on jobs with them. For this, they contracted us out to create these made-from-scratch custom hoodies. We not only picked out the fabric type, but also had them washed and dyed, custom cut and sewn, custom color zipper/pull string, and put a really great print on the front for them. Then added a custom hang tag, custom tags and bagged/tagged each one. REALLY nice gifts. Good job guys!!

November 11, 2013

Topanga Film Festival Live Screen Printing

Urs and Carey from Topanga Film Fest asked us to come out for our 2nd year in a row to help them with really bringing a different local handmade feel to the opening and closing nights of the film festival. We brought our rig, our people and really made a great night of it.

In live screen printing, the client is able to choose the medium in which we print. (if they want to print Tshirts, bags, totes, towels, anything really) but these guys advertised the opening night gala as "Bring your own shirt printing", and everyone just brought us their own threads for us to put some imagery onto. It ended up to be very unique and special...and we were the hit of the party (as always)!

November 7, 2013

Poolside Dip Dye Shirts

Dip Dye Tshirts is quickly becoming a trend in the fashion world. The fact that they are handmade, created with pantone colors that are chosen by the designer, and create a cool unique feel are all reasons why we print so many of them.

Recently the band Poolside had us create their first run of merch for their upcoming tour. We made Tshirts and tote bags, both dip dyed specially to the colors that the band selected. Then we printed a simple one color print over top of them. They turned out very cool, and since then I have seen them being worn by people around the city!

November 6, 2013

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Merch

Alex Ebert and his lively band of 11 mates (also known as Edward Sharpe) have been touring non stop for a few years now, and are finally just about to take a break. We were fortunate enough to be able to print ALL their merch for the last tour they just embarked on, and it was a really great experience.

We printed on a wide variety of goods from Tshirts, Womens shirts, hoodies and even interesting crop tops and muscle tank tops. Here are a few shots of the Tshirt that we printed for them, which ended up turning out quite interestingly. This was originally a photograph that we converted into a 6 color simulated process print, and we went to town with high opacity plastisol inks for great coverage and a bright poppy final product. They were stoked, and so were we. Were excited for the next design that Alex comes up with on a napkin! :)

November 4, 2013

Caine's Arcade Fulfillment + Shipping

We, here at Print Renegades, are problem solvers. After working with many bands and brands, we realized that shipping and fulfillment was something that our customers were having a problem with handling themselves. Thats when we stepped in.

Caine's Arcade has been out for a few years now, and we have handled all of their shipping and fulfillment since they started...probably over 15,000 packages.

Fulfillment is easy: We charge for a pick and pack fee, plus the cost for shipping of the item. Definitely worth it if there are lots of products going out every week and you dont want to deal with it. Plus, its not that expensive for us to just handle it, and we can ship out every single day AND email every customer with a tracking number along with being customer support for lost packages.

November 1, 2013

Movember Custom Printed Posters

We had the VERY unique opportunity to help out the amazing group Movember. These guys have a rad charity dedicated to various stages of Men's Health, and every November 1st they get everyone to go clean shaven, then grow their "MO" (short for Moustache) for the entire month of November, while simultaneously fund raising for supporting Men's Health.

We worked with the artist Shawn Harris on the art, which was perfectly print ready and sloppy, allowing a lot of wiggle room with the print style that we like. Print was 3 colors on 18x24 paper. We used a 100# cover stock Flavor's Gourmet paper (color Smoked Sea Salt) with color matched Permaset inks.

After printing, Shawn signed each one, then we hand numbered each one individually. After, we had to roll each of the 1300 posters into individual poster tubes (white glove rolled with tissue paper inside each one). 25 boxes of posters is never an easy task, but with the help of the Print Renegades crew, we got through it and they looked amazing!!

Movember is doing their opening kick off parties TODAY all around the country. The Los Angeles show is at the Whiskey A-Go Go in West Hollywood, CA. GO MOVEMBER!! #GENMO