October 30, 2013

Vannen Watches are next level watches!

Vannen Watches are what high end watches are to regular people: something extraordinary. They also collab with world renowned artists such as Bad Religion, Descendants, and Christopher Bettig to create unique limited edition watches They hit us up to do some quick merch for a trade show they were joining, and we agreed. The prints were discharge prints on black fashion fit Tshirts. And turned out amazingly!  These are discharge inks that are soft to the touch and great to use on dark garments. Looking forward to the next one, gentleman!

October 28, 2013

M.A.R.S. All over printed Tee

The guys at M.A.R.S. clothing are cutting edge. They always are striving for doing something different and unique to stand out. They asked us to print an allover Tshirt for them after the shirt is already made. (since usually all over prints happen before the Tshirt is sewn together).

To achieve this, we constructed a very large platen and burned a very large screen. Then we placed the shirt on the table, used a gold discharge ink and printed the entire shirt over, even onto the pallet...just had to clean it off between every shirt. Turned out really good. Great job guys!!

October 25, 2013

Bones And Feather Collectives Samples

The Bones and Feather Collective peeps are top knotch! They create jewelry from found bones and spines of deceased animals, mixed with feathers and gold pieces. They’re apparel designs are the perfect definition of classy and simplistic, very sheik contemporary and very high quality. Printed on incredibly soft Groceries Apparel garments, we printed them using the highest quality eco friendly waterbased inks money can buy. The print is so soft that you can hardly feel that the ink is present. Keep it up ladies!

October 24, 2013

Maniac! Tour Merch

Our buddy Shawn Harris is SO talented. He firstly started singing with The Matches (of whom we used to hang out with when they would bring their guitars out and play for the crowds exiting the House of Blues in West Hollywood before they were big). Now he teamed up with Jake Grigg from the Australian band "Something with Numbers" to create Maniac! They asked us to help them create some unique merch for their tour with Foxy Schazam...and that we did.

Their shirts were an interesting creation, but Shawn was adamant about having it look different, so we used 2 different colors of ink on the same screen to create a gradient pattern without having to use and print 2 different screens/colors. The result was brilliant!

October 21, 2013

Custom 1 inch Buttons are awesome!!

Custom buttons are one of those things that aren't essential to the success to your brand, but always help create buzz, help with brand awareness, and make people stoked to get something small with your logos on them. Plus, they are a SUPER cheap add on to your print order and are all customizable with the ability to add as many different logos to your button order. Plus, Print Renegades is always running specials for free buttons with your print order as well. Buttons up!!

October 18, 2013

Always Out Front Fixie Bike Crew

Team AOF are sick. They dont put as much concern on the regular things in life (like not riding your bike into on coming traffic) and kind of just do that they want. This sort of mentality has brought them a hefty following in the fixie bike community where they street race, ride for run and track race...all things in which merchandise is needed.

We recently caught up with these guys and made them some brand new 3/4 sleeve baseball raglans with their logo on them for the upcoming fall season. They were stoked, and since then, their bikes have ridden even more arrow dynamic!

October 17, 2013

Amazing Tote Bag Printing

Tote bags are a luxury. Something that is easy to make, cheap to produce, and leaves a lasting impression on the person who receives it. Not to mention that it lasts ages longer and gives momentous amounts of exposure longer than a Tshirt (since it lasts longer, people take it everywhere with them, and it doesn't get washed and worn like a Tshirt). And these days, plastic bags are getting banned from cities left and right, making a tote bag an even higher commodity than before.

At Print Renegades, we have the ability to print LOTS of tote bags. Here is a small example of the things that we have produced over the time that we have been printing. (with MANY more to come...)

October 16, 2013

Pizzanista + Emerica + Andrew Renyolds Pizza Boxes

We were approached by the owner of the downtown LA pizza shop, Salmon Agah, to do some custom printing on some limited edition pizza boxes for an Andrew Reynolds Emerica shoe release party. Since our outlook at Print Renegades is to take on any/all jobs, regardless of how out there or crazy they are, we love to take projects head on that most other print shops would say NO to. These were tedious but turned out amazing! Printed with super fine waterbased Permaset inks on pizza boxes. I wonder if the FDA cares we were printing on boxes for food handling! :)

October 14, 2013

Maniac Hand printed LA Canvas Posters

This post was from a year ago, but we thought it cool enough to repost.

Our friends in the band Maniac were recently featured on the cover of the latest LA Canvas magazine. They wanted to print some rad handprinted posters to match the art that they created for the cover of the mag. We let them come into the Print Renegade HQ to lay out the posters and go to town on their creative stylings. Heres a little bit of how they created these amazing hand printed posters. (hand spray painting the first color, then printing the 2nd). TRUE ARTISTS!!

October 10, 2013

Caine's Arcade Staff Tshirts

Caine's Arcade are a non profit foundation that focuses on helping raise money for less fortunate kids with creative ideas and helping them fund those ideas. Caine Monroy was the kid who started it all, as you see with his YouTube Video, and now the Imagination Foundation is taking care of the details of the foundation for Caine. (who has raised over $400,000 for his future college fund).

We have been in charge of printing and fulfillment of his merch since day 1. Over the past year, we have printed and shipped over 15,000 shirts for Caine's Arcade. As you can see, sometimes orders are larger than others, but they have always stayed consistent from the beginning. We are very pleased to continue to work with the Imagination Foundation and Caine!!

October 4, 2013

Margin Imprint Moon Calendar

We have been printing the moon phase calendar for MARGINS IMPRINT since 2009. And every year he has started ordering more and more each year. It has come to a point where we started sampling the 2014 orders back in June and have printed over 15,000 posters for them just this year alone.

These calendars are printed with high opacity waterbased inks, and there are 2 versions: the full coverage colored ones, and minimal coverage on black paper. The full coverage posters cover over 95% of the entire poster, and are very difficult to print correctly, but we here at Print Renegades have mastered this art. We do full color matching, set up and printing of thousands of moon calendars for Margins and look forward to another 5+ years of more with them!