April 16, 2014

Hand Printed Apparel Hang Tags

Sometimes its better to do even the simplest of things yourself. DIY projects not only keep us more creative and at the top of our game, but also end up being very unique and really show with our style of work. Sure, we can have a

That's the thought process over at Tavin. This small bohemian retail shop is located in Echo Park in the heart of the trendy neighborhood that makes up Echo Park Blvd. This store is definitely inspired by world travel and a very unique style of apparel design in Los Angeles. Because they are a unique clothing store, they like to produce their hang tags with a hand made feel. That is where Print Renegades comes in.

We start with blank apparel tags (made of natural colored manilla colored cardstock) and we are able to print 14 tags at a time. We have to print on pallet tape so that we know where to align these cards, but once that's done, we are able to print away!

Each tag double sided, so each requires double the time and double the work, but because each of the 14 cards are different, we are able to produce a wide variety of cards with different photos and quotes on them. In the end, this is a quick and inexpensive way to have a very unique hang tag for a product that people love, especially when that product has its own unique properties itself!

April 9, 2014

DamnSon! Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Most times, smaller apparel brands think that its much to expensive to have their own customized boxes printed up..."This is something that Nordstrom or Nike does, but not my small brand" they think. They are rashly mistaken.

The guys over at DamnSon! have a really great thing going. Based out of Salt Lake City, they run their music and art website promoting new acts with their keenly amiable phrase "Do What You Love". Print Renegades has been doing their apparel for a year or so now, and they really wanted to seem more professional in their presentation of sold merchandise that got shipped out to their clients. Enter custom shipping boxes.

These boxes were printed using a soft waterbased ink. Although the boxes are slightly large in size, the reason why its not very costly is because we are able to flat print them as a single color print, making it simple and easy for us to print, then when the box is folded up, each panel looks like it was separately printed. Professional and classy, yet inexpensive and affordable for those who think this isn't budget-friendly for them to do.

If you are a clothing brand, owner of a start up, artist, restaurant or you sell band merch online, making custom boxes will always add presentation value to your final product. Leave it to Print Renegades to up the value of your organization. Its our business to make your business OUR business!! :)

April 2, 2014

Drop The Beatz Neon Crop Tops

Drop the Beatz is an Electronic Dance Music site dedicated to bringing you the best news, newest music, and EDM music reviews that are out there. Matt, who runs the site, is a great guy and has been ordering these crop tops from us for the last few years. Good to see that the crop top business is good!

He uses solely American Apparel Neon Crop Tops, and we print these simple one color prints using supersoft Nazdar Waterbased Inks. We love return clients, cause that means that our high quailty printing and apparel that we use was recognized by all the people that bought them, and word of mouth travels fast about that!