September 30, 2013

Live Screen Printing = Hit of the Party!

As screen printers, we have been at MANY live events. And I have yet to be at an event where we AREN'T the hit of the party. Everyone loves the idea of live screen printing, especially when it accents a certain element of a party or event. If its helping to promote a film or music release, if its at an art gallery printing recognizable imagery, or just at a bar/club printing random artwork, people love it. It puts the people in charge of creating a custom piece for themselves, and lets them see the beauty of creating a printed garment in front of their own eyes.

Because screen printing has the ability of being mobile, small and portable, we are able to hit up a wide variety of events to make it even THAT much  better!! Email us with any live screen printing requests that you may have!

September 23, 2013

STFD + MTNC = UK's hottest brands!

Shut the Front Door UK and Make The Noise Clothing are UK based brands that like to get the party started. In their own words, they are “bringing the house party to the club”. MTNC make the goods and STFD promote them by throwing tiki style parties in Northhamptonshire, UK.
We custom dip dyed these 100% ring spun cotton tees to the specified pantone color they provided to us. Then printed their simple logo on the fronts and shipped overseas to them for a quick turnaround party they had. Keep it up guys!!

September 19, 2013

Apparel Finishing Services make ANY product better!

At Print Renegades, we do WAY more than just regular printing. In our quest to create the perfect print shop, we realized that many clients were taking their goods to a different company to have many different things done, and that not only took a lot longer and cost more to do, but also was a massive headache for the customer as well. 

We have since developed our finishing services, which are a are a great way for us to take that headache away from our clients by keeping all elements of what a clothing brand needs here with US. Finishing your goods makes them retail ready and elevates your brands value. Brands like Risk Vs Reward and Arivul Co have trusted us to be their solution for printing, finishing, packaging and shipping of their goods. Really great brands, and even better with all finishing done in house!