June 2, 2014

Margins Imprint Metallic Ink Moon Calendars 2015

The time is again upon us: the time where the moon calendar printing begins. We have had Jeremy at Margins as a customer for over 5 years now, and every single year his orders get larger and larger. A great sign of something that is successful!!

This year for the 2015 calendar run, he wanted to try some new things out. So, he asked us if we could start running some samples early (obviously, a few months into 2014 were already beginning to print calendars for the next year) so he really has a jump on things this year!

This post was to showcase the Gold Metallic ink prints. These prints were done on White and Black paper, and personally I thought black looked better but he really liked them on the white paper, but either way you look at it, Gold Metallic ink is amazing regardless of the paper color. Most metallic inks have larger metallic pieces inside the ink, limiting the mesh of screen that you can print through. (Jantex ink says to not print thru anything larger than an 86 mesh. Haha) And with the detail that is in the moon calendars, this would be impossible. We had to go with the Jacquard ink, which allowed us to print through a 200 mesh screen, still holding the detail of the moon calendar print yet still looks like the metallicy goodness that it is! Good work, Jeremy!!

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  1. I am absolutely in love with the Msrgins moon calendar as of the past hour LOL And with your printing! It's so great to see behind the scenes of this. Applause my friends!